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7 Apps that help you keep track of your finances!

Here are a few applications that you can use to save and budget your money, and many of these tools are free and available on IOS and Android devices. Mint, for saving more and spending less Mint automatically updates and categorizes transactions, creating a picture of spending in real-time. Users can add their own categories, track bills, split transactions, and […]


If you’re looking for high-quality items without breaking the bank, a thrift shop is what you need! Thrift shops are a great way to buy high-end clothing and accessories well below retail prices. Think of a thrift shop as a mine full of diamonds, and even though you weren’t the one to put the diamonds there in the first place, […]

5 Money-$aving Hacks!

Have you ever wished that you had a way to save money while still enjoying life’s greatest pleasures? Read about possible methods you can implement into your daily life that will not only transform your bank account but change your perspective of how you spent MONEY! Switch to a cash-only budget You may be spending more money using a debit […]